SMARTY Roaming in the EU and Worldwide


Ilustration of the earth with an arrow around it signifying unlimited worldwide roaming.

It’s really simple for your customers to use SMARTY SIMs when travelling in or outside the EU - they pay for what they use and get back what they don’t. 

Use your plan as normal when travelling inside the EU 

Transparency is SMARTY’s ethos, and that’s why everything works like home with no hidden charges or extra costs. Your customers can use their monthly data allowance and all calls and texts are unlimited. 

The unlimited plan comes with a fair usage limit of 19GB.

See the full list of EU included countries.

Pay as you go when travelling outside the EU

SMARTY have made it easy for  customers when travelling outside the EU – they simply pay as they go and get back what they don’t use.  All they need to do is:

  1. Top up their cash balance within their SMARTY account
  2. Pay as they go for what they use, and not a penny more
  3. If they don’t use all their cash balance, they can choose to put that towards their next month

Costs vary depending on the destination, so make sure they check the costs here.

Be sure to let your customers know that before they travel, all they need to do is make a one-off change to their phone settings – they can do this here.