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SMARTY is a new SIM-only mobile network that’s built to be simple and honest

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We give your customers credit back for their unused data

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Your customers can cancel anytime or change their monthly plans

How it works

Trade SMARTY is a new SIM distribution platform from SMARTY Mobile that lets you earn cash for handing out free SIMs.

It’s easy to register and there’s nothing to pay on your part. Just sign up, order your free SMARTY SIMs and hand them out to your customers. When they renew their plan for the second and third month, you’ll receive payment straight into your bank account.


As a Trader you could earn up to £17.50 for every SIM that’s activated*. Commission is also uncapped so the more customers you sign up, the more you earn.

Activation Month 2 Month 3 Total Commission
Per Activation


£0.00 £5.00 £1.25 = £6.25


£2.50 = £7.50


£5.00 = £10.00


£7.50 = £12.50


£12.50 = £17.50

On top of that there’s a monthly bonus reward for being a brilliant Trader, based on the number of new customers you bring us each month.


= £50

£1 per additional activation


= £125

£1.25 per additional activation


= £300

£1.50 per additional activation

*Currently 97% of our customers go beyond month 3, so 97% of our SIM Traders are likely to receive the full pay-out.

Getting started
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Don’t try too hard to ‘sell’ SMARTY – just be open and transparent and talk about what makes SMARTY unique to other mobile networks:

• No credit checks

• No contract

• Cancel or change monthly plans anytime

• Money off next month’s plan for unused data

• Data add-ons at the same price as in plan - £1.25 per GB

• Try to advise your customers on the plan that's best for them.

Remind your customers to renew each month following their initial activation - remember you will be rewarded once they renew the second and third time.

Don’t forget to order more SIMs - you can do this directly from your Trade SMARTY account.



We’re offering an exclusive deal on the Unlimited Data plan to new customers! They could save £6.25/each month if they activate our Unlimited plan, for a limited period of time.


Text. Switch. Reward

Fancy an Added Bonus When Customers Text-to-Switch?



We’ll ‘show you the money’ sooner when a customer activates their large or unlimited SIM plan by paying you in the first month.


SUPERCHARGE your commission with the Sign-up Boost

To celebrate the launch of Trade SMARTY – we’re offering new Traders the welcome sign-up boost.


SMARTY Launches the New Unlimited SIM-Only Plan for Data Lovers

At £25 per month for unlimited data, calls and texts - with no strings and no credit check – it’s great value.


SMARTY Roaming in the EU and Worldwide

It’s really simple for your customers to use SMARTY SIMs when travelling in or outside the EU.


We've Launched!

We’re Trade SMARTY, a new SIM distribution platform from SMARTY Mobile which offers you the chance to earn cash for handing out SIMs. Simple.


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Where can I find the Terms & Conditions?
What is Trade SMARTY?

Trade SMARTY is a SIM distribution platform that lets you earn money. 

Here’s how it works:
i.Order up to 30 FREE SMARTY SIMs
ii.Hand out the SMARTY SIMs to your customers
iii.Once your customers have activated their SMARTY SIM cards, you can check where they are in their lifecycle on your Trade SMARTY dashboard
iv.You receive Trade SMARTY rewards straight into your bank account every month 

Simple, smart, transparent – and profitable.

How do I join?

It’s really easy to join Trade SMARTY. 

Just go to our register page and sign up. It’s as simple as that.

How much does it cost me to be a part of Trade SMARTY?

Absolutely nothing. 

Trade SMARTY is completely free to sign up to and to order your SMARTY SIMs.

How many SMARTY SIMs can I order?

You can order up to 30 SMARTY SIMs per month. 

If you distribute a large volume of SIMs, please contact us directly to talk about placing a bespoke order.

How much can I earn?

That depends on how many SMARTY SIMs you hand out and how many then get activated. This means that there’s no maximum amount that you can earn. As a Trader for SMARTY, you could earn as much as £15 for every new customer you help bring to the network. 

Take a look at our commission and bonus model for full details on how much you can potentially earn.

Is the scheme supported by SMARTY Mobile?

Yes, SMARTY Mobile, which is powered by Three Mobile, have created this programme so that you can order SMARTY SIMs directly from us and, once activated by your customers, we pay you directly.

What is an activation?

An activation is when your customer activates their SMARTY SIM card for the first time.

How does my customer activate their SMARTY SIM card?

It’s really simple. 

All they need to do is: 

i.Pop their SMARTY SIM into their phone…
ii.…go to
iii.…and then follow the simple instructions to pick their plan and set up their SMARTY SIM 

All details are clearly outlined on their SMARTY SIM pack too.

What is a renewal?

A renewal is when your customer renews their plan with SMARTY Mobile.

Can I sign up if I’m not on SMARTY Mobile?

Yes. Trade SMARTY is open to everyone, no matter what network you’re on.

Why do I need to give my bank details?

We need your bank details so that we can pay you your commission. 

You won’t ever have to pay us anything, and all payments to you are safe and secure.

When will I receive my commission?

We'll pay you by bank transfer on the 10th working day of each month. The payment will cover commission earned from renewals two months previous to allow for our fraud checks. For example; commission earned in January, will be paid in March.

How do I get in touch with you?

We’re always happy to help. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call on 07988 624497 or email us at